Wedding Party Makeup – Tutorial

Wedding Party Makeup – Tutorial

Girls just need an excuse to dress up! We can say that marriage is the perfect occasion for this. Indian weddings are synonymous with dazzling and beautiful. Even if you are not the bride, as a sister, cousin, or friend of the bride, you have the right to dress for wedding party makeup in an equally beautiful way.

For all the beginners, we have a few simple wedding party makeup techniques.

How to wear makeup for the wedding party?


Match your skin tone with a matching foundation. Blend with a foundation brush or damp sponge. Don’t ignore your neck.

Use a matching concealer to camouflage any discoloration or blemishes. Now put it on with some loose powder. The base makeup will remain the same for any type of look, natural or striking.

Eye makeup for brides

Since Indian weddings are all made of glitter and glamor, we suggest that the eyes are bright and vibrant. The coordinated colored eyes would enhance the face. Don’t be afraid of bright shadows. If you want a special effect, after making the eyes with matte eyeshadows, apply glitter on the mobile eyelid.

To do this, apply a little eyelash glue that becomes transparent on the eyelid and leave it there for a few moments. When the glue is semi-dry, apply a little glitter with a synthetic brush. This would keep the glitter securely in place.

Draw your eyelashes according to the type of pencil you feel comfortable with.

If you have a dilemma about which shades to choose from, most quads are available in coordinating shades. Take a look at the eye makeup section and go for a trio or a quad.

Bronze, green, blue, and purple eye makeup works best with Indian skin tones depending on what outfit you wear. You can also go for smokey eyes for an extra dramatic look.

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If the eyes are intense, use a lighter shade of blush or vice versa. If it’s winter, apply a little highlighter on your cheekbones; Keep your skin moist and healthy for extra care. Avoid it in summer. Unless you have dry skin, things can get out of hand and make you look like a shiny disco ball.


For lips, choose a lighter shade if your eyes are heavy. For our complexion, it is best to avoid browns. Cafes, as elegant as they may seem, are not the best for us. It looks less flattering on most Indian skin tones, giving the lips a pigmented look and a more aged look overall. But browns with slight undertones of pink are the perfect nudes. Corals and peaches also work wonders without being as intense as reds or garnets.

Put on some gloss for more shine!

lip makeup for wedding party

But if you’re not shy, you’d better keep the eye shadows neutral. Instead, draw dark eyes and wear bright reds or bright colors on your lips.

Some other makeup tips for the wedding party:

  • The most hated makeup crime we are all prone to commit is a lighter shade of foundation. Foundations aren’t there to make you look “fairer” but to hide visible flaws in your skin and make the skin smoother. It therefore perfectly matches your foundation. If necessary, try it on the jawbone and observe it in natural light.
  • If the eyes are heavy, keep the lips lighter.
  • You can put on false eyelashes to have deer eyes.
  • For pigmented lips, apply a nude lip liner (closest to the natural color of your facial skin). This would help create the base for the lipstick to adhere to and mask the pigmentation.
  • If you can’t find a product labeled “highlighter”, don’t worry! Get a shimmering bronzer in a light gold shade and use it as a highlighter.


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