Top 7 Free Yoga Apps

Top 7 Free Yoga Apps

Getting started with yoga exercise is much easier than being consistent in the same. It is for both the one who is a beginner and the one who is an experienced yoga teacher. 

The yoga app allows you to measure your real-time metrics, which will better increase your enthusiasm or motivate you to keep going on the path. 

However, it will also guide you in every step of the yoga exercise journey. 

For instance, let’s say you are a beginner and started yoga exercise just 1 week ago, so ultimately it will teach you all the basics that you should know. 

Meanwhile, you can also measure the progress through real-time metrics. 

Let’s understand by taking a scenario. 

During the pandemic, people got frustrated, started going into depression, and stress levels increased. However, people started yoga exercises to control stress levels and mental stability.  

But, the only challenge was how to start doing yoga exercises for beginners? 

As without proper guidance, starting yoga exercises is next to impossible for beginners. 

As a result, yoga apps came into action. By using a yoga app one can easily start yoga exercises through video & audio instructions. 

Benefits of you using the yoga app: 

  • Do daily routine exercises with video & audio instructions 
  • Track your weekly & monthly progress 
  • Streaming yoga classes 
  • Practice anywhere at anytime 
  • Motivate you to do exercise

Top 7 market dominating free yoga app 

#1. Simply yoga: 

Using Simply is very reliable for beginners as it allows you to get interactive sessions such as video classes. 

The video courses include – morning, afternoon, and evening live classes. 

Also, you can watch pre-recorded videos that will guide you step by step in the process of doing a particular yoga asana. 

Is using simply worth it?

  • Daily routine exercise of 20-60 min. 
  • Learn yoga through video & audio sessions 
  • 35+ poses 
  • Measure real-time metrics like calories burned.
  • Track your weekly progress  
  • Integrated with Health app 

#2 Grokker: 

The Grokker app is a personalized yoga app that is mainly focused on employee wellness and provides various solutions such as personalization, video, and expert guidance. 

Grokker has a social community called “grokking talk” where people share their ideas in Q&A format regarding yoga.

#3 Down dog: 

The Down dog app is a Mixture of all yoga apps. 

But, one of the unique features that attract users to use Down dog is the customized yoga practice. 

An individual can customize their yoga practice according to their need by different levels, times, exercises, and many more. 

Pricing: Free to download, in case you want to access more features you can take subscriptions of $8 per month for premium. 

Platform: IOS and Android 


  • Lessons and routines for all levels
  • Customize yoga practices 
  • Get instruction from six different voice instructors
  • Select time 
  • Different levels for users include beginners, intermediate, and experts

#4 Glo yoga: 

The Glo yoga app is beginner’s friendly. The app makes it easy to exercise through its regular 15-20 min classes. 

The Glo yoga app has classified yoga exercises into different categories. 

For example meditation classes, in which you will find 10-15 minutes videos in sequences that will guide you step by step in yoga exercises. 

Key features: 

  • 16 styles of yoga for multiple levels
  • 4000+ classes 
  • 40+ Certified teachers 
  • Educational classes 

#5 Track yoga: 

The Track yoga app is specifically for Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Vinyasa yoga in a simple format of video classes. 

There are also multiple classes for specific body issues entitled stress relief, back pain relief, and cold & flu relief. 

As a result, users can track their progress in the user dashboard and unlock the other classes after completing the previous classes. 

#6 Daily yoga:  

The Daily yoga app is a studio yoga app. 

If you want to learn yoga from different experts from different regions of the world then this is the best destination for you to learn from worldwide experts. 

It has the biggest yoga community worldwide in which you can engage and interact with multiple numbers of users.

Key features: 

  • 500+ Asanas 
  • 200+ instructed yoga classes
  • 50+ workouts plans for all the levels 
  • Weekly challenging programs 
  • The Biggest worldwide yoga community 

#7 Gaiam:

The Gaiam yoga app holds on top because the unique features of the app make it easy to use and affordable. 

It has different variations of ready-made classes that include yoga for back pain, yoga for runners, new hip hop yoga, prenatal yoga, and many more.  

The app allows users to create their classes through unique features like pose blocks, and smart links that make it fast and easy to create yoga practices. 

Diamond features: 

  • 75+ ready-made yoga classes for all levels 
  • 250+ poses 
  • Gorgeous user interface 
  • Create your own customized classes using features like pose block and smart link
  • 1700+ yoga video clips 
  • Use the app without the internet by downloading video
  • Schedule classes
  • Get reminders notifications  


Behind the screen, the yoga industry is growing through game-changing technological solutions. New participants are coming into the race.    

The market is booming right now as “It is worth more than $84 billion worldwide in 2022 and it is estimated to spend $16 billion more in the upcoming years”. 

And the major factor that is going to help in this is technological solutions. 

For instance, healthcare start-ups are using healthcare app development solutions to grow their business.  

FAQ (frequently asked questions): 

1. Which yoga app is best for beginners?

Ans:  The track yoga app is the best yoga app for beginners. It has simple yoga exercises that will be a good starting point for beginners to start. 

2. Can you lose weight through a yoga app?

Ans: Yes, you can lose weight through a yoga app. For beginners, it will guide you to basic exercise through video & audio instructions and one can also burn calories as well as maintain mental stability.

3. Why use a yoga app? 

Ans: A yoga app will help you in various ways like tracking your progress, doing daily routine exercises with timing, and accessing it anywhere at any time.

4. What to use paid or free? 

Ans: Free app will provide you with basic exercises and instruct you through video & audio. Meanwhile, in paid apps individuals will get instruction from certified yoga instructors. That will guide you at every step. 


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