Looking and feeling confident is essential to enjoying your life and career. Confidence offers a sense of empowerment that helps you perform your best and engage happily with people in your life. For those in the healthcare industry, confidence also affects patient care and working relationships, making it essential to develop for yourself and those around you. Developing confidence is a life-long journey that requires consistently acting in alignment with your values. Simple strategies like looking your best and wearing comfortable and attractive scrubs to work can help you build lasting confidence. 

Look Your Best

Many of us derive confidence from our physical appearance. Even if you don’t prioritize fashion or have a daily skincare routine, putting effort into your clothing choices can change how you carry yourself. You don’t have to wear designer clothes to make an impression. Focus on how the clothing fits and choose outfits that flatter your unique silhouette and make you feel attractive. The same rules apply to your work uniform. If you work in healthcare, opt for a pair of cute and comfortable women’s scrubs in your favorite color. 

You can also look around for cute patterned scrubs with your favorite characters or holiday symbols. For example, opt for a Hello Kitty scrub top and pink scrub bottoms, a Minnie Mouse scrub ensemble or DC Comics characters on your scrubs. Wear scrubs with pumpkins for Halloween, Christmas trees in December or bunnies during the spring months if you can find them. Invest in jackets and sweaters to layer your look when the hospital gets cold. Play around with color by pairing solid color scrubs with a patterned sweater or don a streamlined black jacket for a more mature look. If you choose clothes that make you feel attractive, you will look and feel confident as you go about your day. 

Feel Comfortable 

No one feels their most confident when they’re uncomfortable, whether it’s an itchy shirt tag irritating the back of your neck or wearing shoes too small. The upside? Comfort is 100% attainable at work and in your personal life. 

If you’re constantly fiddling around making adjustments to your clothes, you will look neither confident nor professional. When choosing your work clothes or scrubs, prioritize breathable, durable and stretchable fabrics. Cotton is incredibly soft and breathable but not very stretchy and environmentally damaging to grow. Scrubs made from polyester and spandex are breathable, wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking. 

Comfort also means having a full range of motion. Healthcare workers require flexible uniforms to perform crucial tasks like taking vitals, moving patients and running tests. Tight, restrictive scrubs that make performing everyday tasks uncomfortable can be a deterrent to confidence. Choosing breathable scrub tops or jogger scrubs elevates your comfort and confidence, so you can take on more challenging tasks and set the standard for your coworkers. 

Show Off Your Unique Style

One of the keys to confidence is enjoying and expressing what makes each person unique. While your instinct might be to mold yourself into an ideal of a confident person, you cannot sustain identities that aren’t your own. When you identify someone as confident, it is likely because they embrace who they are, not because they are successful on paper. One of the most immediate ways to express individuality is through clothing choices. If you are a vibrant, bubbly idealist, why not radiate positivity with a pair of scrubs in a bold solid color like fuchsia, hot pink or purple? Veterinarians and animal lovers can show off their love for the animal kingdom with an animal-print-inspired scrub top. 

If you’re a pared-down modernist, you may want to select darker color scrubs with a more streamlined design. Pair them with a soft black warm-up jacket or vest, and you will exude competency and confidence. 

Posture and Professionalism

Most experts agree that about 93% of communication is non-verbal. Standing with your arms crossed, slouching and hunching your shoulders all send the message that you don’t want to be where you are. If you consistently use poor posture, your employer may question your commitment to the job and lose confidence in your abilities. 

Gently remind yourself throughout the day to pay attention to your posture, stand tall and make eye contact. To help, invest in comfortable, supportive footwear with a non-slip sole, arch support and a snug but not too tight fit. Confidence and professionalism tend to go hand-in-hand. To look and feel confident, keep your hands visible (not in your pockets) and try not to fidget. Consider your words before you speak. When you say something, speak deliberately and get to the point, especially if you’re at work. Another secret to confidence? Allow for pauses and silences in conversation; rambling speech tends to sound juvenile and is often unnecessary. 

Hair and Make-up

Although hair and make-up aren’t the sources of your confidence, tending to these aspects can boost your self-love. Whether it’s minimal hair and makeup, like a sleek bun and a bit of tinted sunscreen and lip balm, or a more intricate style, like lipstick, eyeliner and curls, hair and makeup can help you stay confident during the day. 

Doing your hair and makeup helps you maintain a polished, professional look. If you work in healthcare, taking care of your appearance can increase patient trust and highlight your dedication to the job. You can add a pop of color with a tinted lip balm and natural eyeshadow in taupe, cream or tan. While you may have to wear your hair up for healthcare jobs, you can experiment with various updos and braids like top knots, side buns or double braids.

Keep Up Your Confidence Throughout the Day

Looking and feeling your best means caring for yourself and being true to your uniqueness. By wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and show your unique style and taking time to do your hair and makeup, you can boost your look and confidence at home, at work and when out with friends and family. 


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