Kidney Stone Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Kidney Stone Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Did you know that 1 in 10 people suffer from a kidney stone? The graph of the number of patients with kidney stones is increasing from country to country. A kidney stone can be described as a small, hard lump that forms from crystals found in urine. The reason behind the formation of stones in the kidneys can be the formation of many crystals, such as substances in the urine, such as minerals and salts.

It could be you or me, so knowing which foods to avoid and which foods to eat is very important. A patient with kidney stones must follow a special diet to maintain their health. Since not all kidney stones are the same type, the diet keeps changing for each type. You can prevent kidney stones from forming just by changing your diet. excruciating, so it is good to watch your diet and prevent it from happening on its own in the first place. If you are a person who wants to prevent the development of kidney stones for the first time, or who wants to reduce the recurrence if you have had one before, then you should start including these foods in your diet.

Foods to eat kidney stones

As already mentioned, kidney stones are of different types and for each type, the diet varies. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a doctor or dietitian to list the foods that the patient can and cannot eat. Following the diet will help prevent kidney stones from forming. Below are some foods that a patient can add or eliminate from their diet to prevent kidney stones. We will take a look.

Drink more water

 Every glass of water that you add to your diet will indeed help reduce the risk of kidney stones. They often occur due to dehydration, so it is recommended to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day to avoid kidney-related problems. You can also drink other liquids, but it is important to check that they are not high in salt. Also, it is a good habit to avoid sugary drinks like sugary juices and sodas to avoid problems. 

Foods rich in calcium and oxalate

It is advisable to include foods rich in calcium and oxalate. Having a low amount of calcium in your diet can lead to kidney stones. The reason is that the content of calcium and oxalate can bind in the intestine, thus preventing the formation of stones. Always remember to include these foods in your diet.

  • Low-fat or fat-free dairy products can help reduce the risk of kidney problems.
  • It is good to include grains, bread, and juices in your diet, which are known as foods that are fortified with calcium.
  • It is also recommended to put calcium-rich vegetables like broccoli on the plate.
  • It is also recommended to include beans and seaweed in the diet.

Fruits and vegetables

Good health can be achieved by eating healthy fruits and vegetables. If you want to prevent kidney stones from forming, start adding more and more vegetables to your plate. Fruits like oranges and lemons are known to reduce the risk of kidney stones because they are high in citric acid. You have to start eating vegetables and fruits rich in oxalate and calcium.

Foods to prevent kidney stones

We have already talked about the foods you should eat to prevent kidney stones. But there are also several foods that you should avoid or limit, as they can lead to stone formation. While the foods to limit also depend on the type of stone you have in your body, there are a few suggestions for foods to avoid.

  • It is recommended to avoid foods high in sodium, as well as processed and packaged foods and meals from fast food establishments, as they increase the risk of kidney stone formation.
  • It is also recommended to avoid certain specific products as much as possible, such as eggs, fish, pork, and beef.
  • Do not add foods high in oxalate to your diet if you are dealing with calcium oxalate stones to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones. Foods include nuts, peanuts, spinach, wheat bran, rhubarb.

We have already discussed some of the foods to avoid and foods to eat. The reason for developing a diet is that many foods contain certain chemicals or compounds that can lead to the production of kidney stones and that is why it is recommended that you limit these items in your diet. The risk of kidney stones somewhere is reduced if the consumption of these foods is limited. But the best way to prevent kidney stones from recurring is to follow the instructions given by your doctor or dietitian.

Hope you are following the above things and helping yourself in your life.


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