Flawless Bridal Makeup – A Step by Step Guide

Flawless Bridal Makeup – A Step by Step Guide

You said yes

He is in heaven

You can’t contain your happiness …

All you have to do now is plan this wedding together!

And when you start working on planning a wedding, you realize that it all adds up to that day. The day that should be your dream come true.

That day is the first thing a couple shares as their own, without either of them having more property, it is the wedding day. And while planning the day is important, the added burden of becoming the best version of yourself weighs heavily on the bride and groom.

 The bride takes most of that burden (sic), so she begins the bride’s search for her perfect look, the perfect dress, and perfect makeup, whether she chooses HD Makeup or AirBrush Makeup, among others.

A great responsibility falls on the makeup artist who chooses a bride for her wedding day. As a makeup artist, it is her responsibility to ensure that the flawless bridal makeup is the only thing the bride does not have to worry about. Happy brides are the prettiest, that’s what every makeup artist believes and follows.

After the bride is comfortable, she begins the multi-hour makeup process. The whole process can be divided into 15 to 20 steps which are as follows:

Flawless Bridal makeup

Stage 1: Create a relaxing environment on a stressful day

The first thing to do is give the bride a comfortable place to sit and relax without worrying about straining her neck and back.

2nd step: Skin preparation: cleaning

When starting with flawless bridal makeup, first wipe the skin very carefully with cleansing milk on a cotton ball. Use a gentle but firm manual cleaning to remove deposits.

Product used – Facial cleanser / Cleansing milk

Step 3: Skin preparation-Toning

Determine the bride’s skin type, depending on whether it is oily, dry, mixed, or normal.

For brides who have oily skin, use a toner

For brides who have ultra-dry skin, use a sheet mask

Product Used – Toner / Sheet Mask

Step 4: Eyebrows

The fourth step depends largely on the choice of makeup artists, whether they want to start with the eyes or the base of the skin, here the steps are defined with the eyes first.

According to the anatomy of the eye for basic makeup purposes- the eye is divided into 6 parts, the upper and lower lash lines, the inner corner of the eyelid and the outer corner of the eyelid and the crease and the eye brows.

Eyebrow Filler: After cleaning loose brows with wire or brow tweezers, the makeup artist moves to fill in the brows according to the shape and shade of the bride’s eyebrows to enhance the brows enough to show through glowing without making them look makeup.

Product used – Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow palette, and eyebrow filler.

Step 5: Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow: This is where flawless bridal makeup begins to take shape. The eyes are prepared with a base and if necessary a little cream base is used to smooth the canvas of the eyes. The following eyeshadows are applied depending on the makeup chosen. The eyeshadow covers the eyelid.

Product used: glossy and matte pigment palette

Step 6: Eyeliner, Mascara, Kajal

Eyeliner and mascara are applied to give drama and attention to the eye, the eyeliner goes on the upper lash line according to the chosen look, it can be thick, thin, tail, etc. The mascara is applied to both the upper and lower lashes to enhance them. The kajal enters the waterline, increasing the drama of the eye and further defining it.

Product used: gel liner, volume-defining mascara, waterproof Kajal

Step 7: Primer

Now the makeup artist goes to the skin applying the primer, a thin layer of primer is mixed on the face, neck, and hands to apply the makeup. The primer gives the makeup a better hold.

Product used – Primer

Step 8: Color correction

Artis makeup uses a color corrector based on the pigmentation of the bride’s face. The basic shades are orange, peach, and green.

Product used – Color corrector

Step 9: Concealing

The concealer is used to neutralize the effect of the color corrector and according to the complexion of the bride. This helps hide scars and blemishes.

Product used – Concealer

Step 10: Base

The base of the skin is completed with the application of the Foundation according to the complexion. The makeup artist must take great care that the chosen base does justice to the bride and gives her face a natural glow.

Product used – Foundation or cream foundation

Step 11: Highlight and Enhance

The first highlight is worn under the eye and in the T-zone, namely the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and the chin, which is a shade lighter than the bride’s skin.

Product used – Highlighter

Step 12: Backing

The next step is to cook the lower part of the eye with a yellow-tinged loose powder called banana powder. Helps hide dark circles under the eyes or bags and bags under the eyes.

Product used – Banana powder

Step 13: Skin contouring

The final stages of flawless bridal makeup begin with the contouring of the face, the contour is made to enhance flattering features and give blunt or puffy features a sharp silhouette.

Product used: contour palette

Step 14: Shimmer Highlights

The highlighter used in this step is the last step in giving the bride a fresh pink look. For light brides, a silver highlighter is used and for whitish and dark tones copper/gold powder is applied.

Step 15: Lip Liner and Lipstick

The lipstick application is the one step that everyone expects and knows that it will give the final look to the bride. The makeup artist draws the lips and uses the lipstick to fill them in according to the trend and the bride’s dress.

Product used: lipstick, lip liner, lip palette.

Step 16: Compact / Loose Powder

After applying the lipstick, the makeup artist sprinkles the bride’s face with compact or loose powder so that the makeup sets and sticks to the face.

Product used – Compact powder, loose powder

Step 17: Setting Spray

The last step to finish the bridal look is to use the setting spray so that the makeup lasts throughout the function and incidences of crying if the bride gets excited.

Step 18: Draping, photoshoot, and goodbye

After the makeup is finished, the makeup artist helps cover the bride’s outfit and can also help prepare and run her photoshoot. Once it is fixed, it is a farewell to the bride’s lifelong memory of having a brilliant experience with a wonderful makeup artist.


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