All-natural home remedies for thick eyelashes

All-natural home remedies for thick eyelashes

I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t want longer, fuller lashes. Unfortunately, applying false eyelashes every day can be quick and expensive. Another alternative to applying false eyelashes daily is to get eyelash extensions, but you can expect to shell out at least $ 120 and up to $ 300. While I wish I could do it, most people can’t afford to have false eyelashes all the time. The ideal situation when it comes to eyelashes would be for your natural lashes to belong and be voluminous. While there are eyelash serums that swear to speed up eyelash growth, most are completely chemical, and/or reviewers say they haven’t seen any results after continued use. These eyelash serums are generally moderate to extremely expensive. Follow our tips and simple home remedies to grow your lashes thicker and longer WITHOUT spending a lot of money.

Be gentle when cleaning your eyelids and eyelashes

  • Instead of vigorously rubbing your makeup, gently massage your eyelids and eyelashes with coconut oil, then blot the oil and makeup with a cotton ball. Not only will you remove makeup, but you will also hydrate the area.

Avoid applying eye makeup every day

  • Eye makeup and mascara can dry out lashes and irritate the eyes.
  • Water repellent mascara can be particularly harmful, requiring more effort to remove. Rubbing and pulling on the eyelashes can damage them or even make them fall out.

Never rub or pull on your eyelashes

Massage your eyes

  • Massaging your eyes with light pressure with or without oil (like coconut oil) can promote eyelash growth and also hydrate your eyelashes if you use oil.

Apply oils for hair growth

  • Using a coil or your fingers, apply the oil to your lashes.
  • Castor oil, cedarwood oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and Moroccan argan oil help repair hair and stimulate their growth.

Drink green tea

Drinking green tea is beneficial for your overall health. The flavonoids in green tea will help stimulate eyelash growth.

Apply aloe vera

Use a coil to apply aloe vera to your lashes before bed. Leave on overnight then rinse off in the morning. Aloe vera gel will promote the growth of your eyelashes and make them stronger.

Eat onion and garlic

If you don’t mind having bad breath, you should eat onion and garlic to get longer eyelashes. Consuming large amounts of onion and garlic has been scientifically proven to help accelerate hair growth.

Apply petroleum jelly

Use a coil to apply petroleum jelly to your lashes before bed. Wash off the petroleum jelly with a facial cleanser in the morning. Vaseline hydrates the lashes, preventing them from breaking and falling prematurely. The conditioning properties will help extend the cycle of each lash, resulting in thicker and longer lashes.

Use your lemon zest

Olive oil protects, lengthens, and conditions the eyelashes. Lemon peels have natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Soak the lemon zest in olive oil for a few dimes to create your all-natural eyelash serum.

Proper diet to be followed

  • Include fresh fruits in your daily diet, which are enriched with plenty of minerals and vitamins such as apples, guava, mangos, and other fruits or you can include fruit juices too.
  • Also take leafy vegetables, vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale soon.
  • Legumes, nuts, seeds, and beans which are known for protein-rich food. Include these whole grains in your daily food diet.
  • Eat alfalfa roots, sprouts as they are high in protein-rich, as well as vitamins and minerals.
  • Salmon is jam-packed with proteins and nutrients that make your hair on eyelids grow and keep them strong.
  • Salmon is loaded with protein and fish oil which is a power duo when it comes to keeping hair healthy.
  • Including iron-containing food items, iron not only gives you a very pretty healthy glow but it also works extremely well at keeping your eyelashes strong.


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