10 exercises to have a flat stomach in a week

10 exercises to have a flat stomach in a week

Struggling to wear your favorite black dress? Do you insist on looking at your belly fat in the mirror every morning while you’re getting ready? If your answer is yes, now is the time to take it seriously and start getting healthy and fit.

Most overweight people have waist fat. This fat is a risk factor for many health problems, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Losing fat around the abdomen can be difficult. Even with diet and exercise, the back of the body is often slimmer.

However, there are many methods that a person can use to reduce overall fat and tone the abdomen.

Exercises you can do to have a flat stomach


Go to the ground in the push-up position. Put your weight on your forearm while bending your elbows. Draw a straight line across your body from shoulders to ankle, inhale your belly button towards your spine, and relax, holding this position for a while. Initially, you will be able to hold the pose for only 8-10 seconds. Don’t worry, it will only increase if you do. Repeat five to six times.

It is a great exercise for a flat stomach because it strengthens the inner core muscles, upper and lower abdominal muscles, and burns more calories than other abdominal exercises. Helps improve posture by creating isometric strength. According to Vinata Shetty, plaque strengthens the muscles in the abdomen and spine.

Boat pose

If you want to try intense exercises for flat abs, you need to apply boat asanas for your workouts. By doing this yoga pose regularly, you can achieve the goal of flattening your tummy.

To start, sit down on your knees on the floor. Lean back slightly, then lift your legs and keep them straight until your body forms a V. Your arms should be forward and parallel. Keep your palms facing forward. While doing this exercise, activate your abdominal muscles and keep your stomach cool and flat.

This is a great exercise for your abs because it targets and strengthens your abdominal muscles and improves balance.

Sit Ups

To strengthen the abdominal muscles, this exercise is useful. Start by lying down on a mat. You can put your hands behind your head or cross them in front of your torso. Now leave your lower body intact and get down on your knees. Breathe deeply and inhale as you go up. Inhale as soon as your body returns to the mat. Make sure your hands aren’t putting too much pressure on your head and neck. You need to use your abdominal muscles to move up and down, so be careful not to stretch your neck while doing this exercise. Do this 10 to 15 times.

Bicycle crunch

You need this exercise if you want a flat stomach. For the abdominal bike exercise, lie on your back. Place your palms under your head and raise your legs to a 90-degree angle. Place your right hand on your head, turn your body and bring your right elbow to your left knee. Alternate limbs bring the left elbow to the right knee. This exercise should be done slowly for the best results.

Since research has shown that this exercise works all of the major muscles in the abdomen, the straightening cycle is a great exercise to include in flat abdominal exercises.


Chips are considered the fastest way to burn belly fat and are very easy to prepare at home without any equipment. They increase the resistance and strength of the abdominal muscles. Lie on the floor, place your hand behind your head, bend your knees, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Lift your upper body off the ground as you go up and as you go down, stop breathing. Repeat, rest for a few minutes.

Side Plank

This will help maintain good posture and reduce stress on the spine and thus prevent back problems. Strengthening the abdominal and back muscles can be done at any time, but it is important to stay stable here.

Stretch your legs and lie down on your right side, which means your feet and hips are flat on the floor together. Keep your elbow straight up to your shoulders and contract your abdominal muscles as you lift your hips and knees off the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and come back

Russian Twist

Sit on the mat and bend your knees slightly, the heel should be flat on the mat. Now start to lean back until your abdominal muscles kick in. You can also access this step by lying on the floor first. Now bend your knees and lift your body towards your knees. Your torso and thighs. It forms a homogeneous asymmetric V formed by the arms. Place your hands directly in front of your face. Gently roll from side to side. Make sure you’re moving with the strength of your core muscles, not just your arms. When you are better at this exercise, you can try catching the ball or the weight by walking sideways.

Mountain Climbers

To do this exercise, place both hands on the floor in front of you, shoulders apart (as if you were about to complete a push-up). Then, to move your leg forward, pull your right leg forward and your left leg back. Stay on your toes as you exercise, alternating each leg for the desired number of alternatives. The upper part of the body should not move during the exercise.

To increase the difficulty, you can speed up your steps when you are comfortable with the technique or add height by using a shooting ball to work for your hands and maintain balance. As well as giving a good cardio workout while rock climbing, you will also be working your abs as you need to engage your core for this exercise.

Medicine ball Slam

You will need a non-bouncing medicine ball for this exercise. With both hands, lift the medicine ball above your head and spread your feet shoulder-width apart. The knees should be slightly bent. Now sharply lower the ball, leaning into your lower back, and drop it to the floor. Try to keep pace to catch the ball when it hits the ground. You should not lose your balance or your posture during this exercise. If you do, it may be because the medicine ball you are using is too heavy.

The Medicine Ball Slam is a full-body exercise that strengthens your core and helps tone your stomach.


Apart from abdominal exercises, if you want a flat stomach, you should try to include heart exercises in your workout. Running, cycling, and swimming are great forms of cardiovascular exercise, in which case jumping is useful because it can be done indoors in conjunction with other abdominal exercises. A good jumping technique is necessary to stay in shape: every time you pass the rope, you should lift your feet a few inches off the ground and make sure that your heel does not touch the ground. Be sure to twist the rope with your wrist rather than your hand.

The jump runs diagonally towards the transverse abdomen, rectus abdominis, as well as in and out. Incorporating cardiovascular training into your flat stomach routine is essential as it will help you burn calories and lose weight as well as tone your abs.


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